Windows 8.1-AMD Catalyst Control Center – Startup error

Run this program

C:\Program Files\AMD\CCC2\Install

This solved my problem.

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Apagar histório do Skype no Android / Delete Skype history off Android

Basta ir a definições
– > Aplicações
– > Clicar em Skype
– > Clicar em Limpar dados
– > Concluído !


Just go to Settings
– > Apps
– > Click on Skype
– > Click on Clear Data
– > Done !

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ASUS AI Recovery – Erro durante a criação dos DVDS

ASUS AI Recovery – Exception Error Occurred During the Burning Process

durante a criação do primeiro dvd procurar os isos que foram criados. Normalmente ficam numa pasta no D:/assus/recovery_tmp e gravá-los com outro software, por exemplo imgburn

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Qvo6 Remover Qv06

Para remover o motor de buscar Qvo6  é necessário ir a cada um dos shortcuts dos browsers e remover tudo o que está depois das aspas.

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Limpar a cache IMAP do Thunderbird // clear Thunderbird IMAP cache

To clear Thunderbird IMAP cache, follow the steps below:-


  • First, start your Thunderbird
  • Go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Select “Server Settings”
  • Highlight and Copy “Local Directory” path
  • Close your Thunderbird now.
  • Paste the path to Window Explorer, now you should see a list of files.
  • Highlight all the file EXCEPT msgFilterRules.dat and delete all.
  • Now start your Thunderbird again, your IMAP cache should be removed by now.
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How to Import Multiple VCF Files into your Gmail / Google Contact List moving from Nokia to Android

Transferring All Your Contacts from a Nokia Phone to a Google Account for Use on an Android Phone

If you’re moving from a Nokia mobile phone to an Android phone, or perhaps you simply want to import all of your contacts into your Google account, you may find that the Nokia Ovi Suite only lets you import all your contacts as individual .vcf files. Google doesn’t currently allow you to import multiple files at once, so unless you want to import them one-by-one you need this little tip:

  • Open a command prompt (Win+R then type cmd)
  • Change directory to the one where you’ve saved your many .vcf files (type cd then the directory structure)
  • Type: copy   /B   *.vcf   all_in_one.vcf

Voilà! You now have one big VCF file which will zip up to your Google account in no time 



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toshiba recovery error 05-0172-0001


An error message occures if you try to downgrade to Windows 7 on a Windows 8 device via Windows 7 recovery media.

As result of this problem the downgrade is not possible.


If a Windows 8 OS was preinstalled on a notebook, some steps are necessary to prepare the notebook for a downgrade to Windows 7 OS.

  • Changes in the UEFI firmware
  • Boot a Windows 7 recovery media
  • Change manually the partition table

To downgrade from a installed Windows 8 OS to a Windows 7 OS, using a Windows 7 recovery media, follow these steps:

1) Boot unit and press F2 to get into BIOS

2) Go to “Security” tab and disable “Safe Boot”

3) Go to “Advanced” tab, select “System Configuration” then change boot mode from “UEFI” to “CSM”

4) Press F10 to save changes and exit.

5) Boot unit from recovery media (Press F12 on bootup to boot from USB or DVD media)

6) At the first screen prompt during recovery, double click on the top left hand corner to open a command prompt

7) At the command prompt type in the following 4 commands:
– Diskpart
– Select disk 0
– Clean
– Exit

8) Type “exit” to exit out of command prompt

9) Follow recovery screen prompts.

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