Thunderbird – Assinatura

Criar a assinatura e colocar numa mensagem nova de correio.

De seguida selecionar a assinatura e ir ao menu e escolher:



Selecionar o que foi produzido, colar num notepad e salvar com extensão .html

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Firefox Quantum – Youtube problems / Problemas

Tools -> Options -> Performance

O – Use recommended performance settings
O – If available, use hardware acceleration.

Finally, re-enable firefox.


Ferramentas -> Opções -> Desempenho

Desativar :
O – Utilizar definições de desempenho recomendadas
O – Se disponível, utilizar aceleração de hardware.

Por fim, reeniciar o firefox.

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Samsung S5 doesn’t show USB icon

Type in your dialer *#0808# and choose MTP+ADB and save it.

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CTT Multi-Produtos – Erro indefinido

CTT Multi-Produtos

Erro indefinido

Basta desinstalar o ficheiro msxml.msi que está na pasta utilitários do download.
Reinstalar não resolve, tem de se desinstalar e instalar de novo com a aplicação fechada.

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windows10 dns error

windows Key + X and then chose command prompt admin

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
netsh winsock reset catalog

ipconfig /flushdns

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Windows 7 SP1 Windows Update stuck checking for updates

ver / See



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onkyo voice out of sync

Fixing the Syncing of the Audio and Video:

My Onkyo receiver like other new receivers on the market today that handle HDMI video signals have settings that let you fix this audio video disconnect. From what I have read there are different names these settings go by depending on which receiver that you have. On my receiver it is called the “lip sync” setting, but others go by names like “audio delay” or “audio sync”. These auto settings are supposed to slow down the audio signal so that the weird dubbing look of the video is diminished. Maybe for other people the auto settings are enough to sync up the audio. For me it did not work.

Since the auto lip syncing feature didn’t completely eliminate the video from running being the audio I had to go into the manual settings to make additional adjustments. These adjustments are made in 10ms increments which to be sure do not sound like that much time, but for the purposes of syncing video and audio can be more than enough. For the Onkyo TX-NR609 using the remote control I hit the settings button to bring up the on screen display. From the initial Menu I selected the Source setup option, then selecting the A/V Sync option I got to the location where I can slow down the audio in 10ms increments. The Onkyo receiver allows me to move the audio back by up to 800m seconds but that is way more than was needed. For me the 50ms setting was perfect to match up with the movies playing from my Blue Ray player.



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